Monday, August 6, 2012

Missing the Jersey Shore

These last lazy days of summer make me long for the Jersey shore... (not the show - the actual beaches and ocean : )  Memories of my childhood combing the beach for shells, and making those same memories with my children are among my favorite.  We always put some sand in a jar with our shells to remember our times on the beach.  (My husband calls them free souvenirs : )  And, since I am land-locked here in the Midwest (sorry, Lake Michigan just doesn't can't count) I had to improvise...with cookies : )


I flooded some shells and starfish with white, and then added some detailing, also in white.  I should have used a 0 or 00 PME tip on these, but was using bags with a #2 tip, and forgot to use a coupler...  Anyway, after they were dried, I dry-brushed some pearl dust on them - a little dab'll do ya... nothing too difficult...


It's very hard to photograph pearl-dusted details without a flash, and there were lots of shadows with it.  But that's ok, I never claimed to be a photography expert!


(...but I'm working on it...)