Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spring Cleaning!

Typically, "normal" people do this in, well, Spring.  But cookiers seem to work a season ahead at all times - Christmas cookies by Thanksgiving, Valentine's right after Christmas, 4th of July right around Memorial Day... if you are a die-hard cookier, you know it's true!  And since I was a little late on starting Christmas cookies, I'm all off kilter.  The holiday season, and all that comes with it, including everyone being home for almost 3 weeks (with sick kids to boot), Christmas decorations needing to be placed and then packed away, and school not starting until the second week of January, I have fallen way behind.  On everything.  And I can't work in a cluttered environment - I get my groove on when there are no distractions.  So I figured I would jump ahead a little bit and start my Spring cleaning now, so that I'm ready when Spring actually does arrive.  We're talking full-on assault: tear-the-house-apart, room-by-room (including kiddo room makeovers), closet-by-closet, cabinet-by-cabinet, fridge, freezer, baking supplies...  yep, even my baking supplies are getting the once-over.  With that said, I came across some brand new cute stuff that I want to give to some of you.  They are Valentine's themed, so just in time!  I didn't mention "giveaway" in the title 'cause it's a test to see who actually reads my blog they're nothing major, but they are majorly cute!

Just post a comment - say hi, wish me luck on my cleaning, tell me to get my butt in gear & post some cookies...whatever you like!  (don't get me wrong - I've done a bunch of cookies this month, just nothing particularly blog-worthy : )  But that's going to change as soon as I'm done, so help me out & take these cuties out of my house!)

There are 2 oven mitt & towel sets, a double pack of kitchen towels, and a set of 4 placemats.  Aren't they cute?  I just love cupcake-themed stuff : ). So 4 items to give away - just post a comment - winners will be chosen at random & posted on February 4th so I have enough time to get these to the winners in time for Valentine's Day : )

Good luck, & happy baking! 
(or cleaning... whatever makes you happy!)