Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another "Sweet P"

When I posted "What is a Sweet P?" I said that the "P" stands for our last name, meaning my sweet husband, kids, even the dog.  Well, when my dad emailed me and asked that since the kids call him "Pop Pop" is that considered one of the "P's" I realized, of course it is!  So sorry about that oversight...

And while we're on the subject of dads... Dad, are you reading this?  I want to wish you a very Happy Father's Day, and I am glad to actually be spending it with you after so many years!  I might mention that my dad lives kinda far away - or, since I'm the one that moved away 22 years ago, I'm the one that lives kinda far away, but we happen to be on a little visit right now. I guess if I didn't move, though, chances are I wouldn't have had his only grandchildren, so I guess he's gotta be okay with it, because he really loves them so much!  Now, go fire up the grill, Dad!

I guess I should mention that there is another "P" out there... my husband's father, my father-in-law, who the kids call "Papi"!  Happy Father's Day if you're reading this!  We miss you all the way down in FL!

There is one other person I really want to send a shout out to this Father's Day... even though we are more than likely in the same room right now... my wonderful husband & father to my beautiful daughters.  They are all daddy's girls and love him to pieces : )  Since we would be out of town for actual Father's Day, we surprised him with "Fake Father's Day" last weekend that included mini-golf (since none of us girls "really" golf), bowling, dinner and Jenga (but not just any game of Jenga - he knows what I'm talkin' about...)  We love you!

Happy Father's Day to all dads, including my brothers-in-law, uncles, cousins and friends - enjoy your day!

Dads Rock!

(and I guess I should forever amend my definition of "What is a Sweet P?" to include all of my favorite peeps  ; )

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  1. These are really cute! I don't know if my kids would eat them or pretend to play music with them! Wow!